Climate Change can be an opportunity for a fuller life

Paul Carter overlooking Guanajuato, Mexico
Paul Carter enjoying life in Guanajuato, Mexico

Hi. I’m Paul Carter.
If you’re like me, you started life on a path that was partly your own, but mostly influenced by family or cultural expectations.  But at some point a crisis caused you to pause and rethink your direction. Maybe it was about your health, or a relationship, or career. Or maybe it was about something going on in your nation or the environment.

Fresh intentions
Whatever the crisis, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, because it created an opportunity  to take a good look at what’s important to you.

At some point, the crises of global warming and climate change entered your mind. Then came the prospect of human extinction – in your lifetime!. Try as you might to shut these ideas out, here you are thinking about your life priorities with catastrophic climate change in mind.

Maybe you came to terms with your grief. And in spite of a sense of hopelessness, you created a list of new priorities for focus during your remaining time – for example:

  • Improve your health
  • Find a new relationship
  • Support others

Where are we?
As I have followed this crisis for the last thirty years, growing evidence tells me the time to avoid catastrophic climate change was several decades ago. Yet I believe there is still time to live our best lives in view of these dramatic coming events.

How to live now.
My plan now is to awaken to this new and changing reality as best I can, to live every precious remaining moment intentionally, and to act with compassion, intelligence, and courage.

So what to do?
I have decided that there are at least two things I will do based on what I love. First, I will share my experience via this website. Second, I will invite you to join with me and others to support one another doing what we love in our remaining time.

Free help.
Here at you will find free resources, blog posts, videos, tools, and connections to help you navigate the bewildering array of fact and opinion about catastrophic climate change, and how to deal with it in terms of your priorities for the remaining precious years of your life.

Paid help.
If you want to dig deeper and engage directly with me about your own circumstance, I offer both workshops and one-to-one coaching at reasonable prices.

No money? No problem
I also offer a sliding fee scale and scholarships, because I believe no one should go without professional help facing the most important issues ever confronted by humankind – living intentionally in a time of near term environmental catastrophy.

An invitation
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